Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Defense of: Lindsay Lohan

This is the second in my 'In Defense Of' series and I'm honestly not entirely sure where to start. It's obvious Lindsay has problems and needs some serious help. Pointing that out at this point seems a little - or a lot - redundant. This is where my conflict comes in.

Lindsay is a beautiful girl who had such a promising career. It's sad to see how far she's fallen. I hope she's able to pull herself together and start working again on a regular basis. I always liked Lindsay and watching her decline is depressing.

The thing that gets me about this girl is wondering what her life - and her career - would've been like without the influence of a man like Michael Lohan. Releasing audio tapes of their private conversations and claiming it's to help Lindsay is so low, I can't even find a word heinous enough for it. By playing those tapes, or publishing transcripts of those tapes, the media is doing nothing for the girl he's claiming to want to protect, but they're certainly helping his real cause - keeping his name in the headlines.

Lindsay Lohan is still a kid. She isn't a mature, full grown adult. She's never had anyone in her life telling her no. Sure she has that false sense of entitlement we all loathe, but that didn't happen on its own. It's not easy for a girl when a world full of yes suddenly becomes a world full of no.

She's clearly delusional, but I don't really blame her. The hardest thing to do is take responsibility for your own actions. She sees doors slamming in her face but she doesn't understand it's her hand on the doorknob. Someday she'll see that and what she'll need is support and love because it isn't going to be a reality check. The sad question that begs to be asked here is who will be there for her? Not Michael Lohan - unless he can profit from it in some way.

So this is my proposal - stop listening to him. Stop printing the things he says. Stop buying the things he's selling. It begins at audiotapes, but who knows what's next? The man lives to see his name in the headlines and see his haggard face on TV. If the press wouldn't continue to allow him to use his daughter for publicity, he'd be forced to try to make it on his own. So, effective as of the end of this sentence, the name Michael Lohan will never be posted on this blog again - nor will any story related to any information he sells or otherwise profits from in the name of his daughter.

I am a small fish in the celebrity gossip ocean, but it is my hope that others will follow suit. Don't give this man any more publicity. Ignore him, and he'll go away - we'll all be better off for it in the end... especially Lindsay.